WP Ad Inserter


WP Ad Inserter is a compact, light-speed and extremely easy-to-use plugin. Install it and get maximum capabilities with minimum server load without any extra effort – the plugin is ready to use right out of the box.


The plugin works with all existing WordPress themes and supports all types of ads. Use any types of ads like including banners, popups, AdSense codes etc. Mix HTML, JavaScript and PHP in any manner.


Get full control over your ad positions inside posts, pages, widgets and across your whole website. Adjust ads behavior basing on post content, visitor’s country, system language and other parameters.

Brand new freeware WordPress ad management plugin with geotargeting and mobile device detection

If you have an own website or even a network of sites running on the WordPress engine, then you have definitely thought about monetization. In this case, you have definitely had the question – how to insert ads into WordPress posts, pages or directly into any place of your websites?

The simplest solution is to use ad scripts like AdSence, which you can simply copy and paste by hand directly into the text of your posts or put it into a standard text widget. Such ads will live their lives and your visitors will see the exact ads that Google wants to show them.

But what if you need to display ads from your sponsors or to promote your own products with custom banners and texts, depending on which exactly page your visitor is on, what country the person is from, what language he/she speaks etc?

This is what the WP Ad Inserter plugin was developed for. It allows you easily configure every single ad to be displayed according to your specific requirements and wishes. It will be shown to each specific visitor, based on geolocation and the primary language of the device your website is being browsed on.


  • Compatible with any WordPress theme.
  • Insert ads anywhere in posts, pages and in any area of your website.
  • RegExp support. Use regular expressions to specify the exact ad’s position in posts or pages.
  • Unlimited number of ad campaigns.
  • Unlimited number of rotating ads in each campaign.
  • Insert ads with shortcode.
  • Display ads in a special widget.
  • Use HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP scripts without restriction.
  • Geotargeting (filtering visitor country by visitor’s GeoIP).
  • The GeoIP database auto-update feature to keep it fresh.
  • Ad selection by user device (computer, tablet, phone).
  • Ad selection by system language provided by the browser.
  • No fancy and monstrous, but slow, clumsy and useless visual Gutenberg-like block editor that no one ever uses in real life.
  • No censorship and no restrictions imposed by WordPress.org policy.
WP Ad Inserter interface

WP Ad Inserter gives you significantly more ad competition with minimum efforts.


Unlimited ad campaigns. Unlimited number of ads in one campaign. All ad networks support including networks support including Google AdSense, Google Ad Manager, contextual Amazon Native Shopping Ads, Infolinks.com etc.


WP Ad Inserter is a freeware open-source software distributed under the GNU General Public License version 2, so anyone who downloads it has the freedom to study the code, change, improve, modify and distribute it without any limitations.


WP Ad Inserter is not overloaded with various clunky and unhelpful tools for visual ads editing. This makes the plugin easier and more flexible to use. If you need to display an ad, just copy-paste its code into the campaign code editor.


Country targeting by IP and system language detection provide a level of specificity previously unreachable in marketing. The plugin helps you to serve the best possible ads to their exact target customers, through their own devices.

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